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Elle Smith Art 

Beautiful, striking and unique. ‚Äč

Private Work

Elle also works on commission and undertakes private work for clients tailored to their specific requirements. Almost all requests are considered, from pets and family to children.

Time scale is typically between 8 to 12 weeks for completion upon agreement of the piece to be produced.

Work is completed from a selection of photographs which are to be in high resolution, high detail, clear focus with your subject predominently in the foreground. This puts primary importance on them.

Sizes are discussed prior to booking in, and upon agreement a 50% deposit is secured upfront, with balance which included shipping, payable upon completion.

The commission process is designed to tailor make your request as personal as you are, and you the client are involved in all stages of creation.

Photographs can be taken and sent to you prior to paint being added should you wish to make any changes throughout.

Client feedback is always very well received, and Elle enjoys sharing client response and interraction to future potential customers.

It is worth noting that all work taken on is a painting of the original, and not a like for like copy. Nor a photograph which can merely be enlarged or printed onto canvas.